Tanning Benefits

What are the benefits of having a Great Tan?

It’s the middle of winter and everyone is feeling the cold, longing for summer. Take a peek in the mirror and a pale face is staring back, looking unhealthy and worn out. It’s time for a tan at Hottie Body Tan.

Having a great tan makes a person look and feel good. Everyone knows that the sun has the power to brighten one’s spirits and the day. However, there is always the risk of damage to the skin and the sun doesn’t have tanning power in the colder months. Even when the weather is fine, many people don’t have the time to get a tan by natural methods. Hottie Body Tan; we offer the latest in tanning booths to get that bronze body in a quick and easy way. It’s affordable, it’s safe, and everyone will take notice of that healthy glow after a only few, convenient tanning sessions.

There are several options, as well as tanning supplies, for a satisfying tanning experience. The Matrix is a tanning bed that has powerful tanning abilities. A person can expect five times the tanning power of other options after only fifteen minutes. A radio is available to provide entertainment as well. Try the Platinum tanning bed and enjoy the enjoy the body and facial fans of body and facial fans during a twelve minute session. The Diamond lay down bed is available for fifteen minutes of exposure and has a Bluetooth and CD with Radio hookup, allowing clients to stay connected to their music of choice. The Diamond stand up booth offers another alternative for twelve minutes of exposure with the radio for accompaniment. The Gold tanning bed comes included with a full body fan for fifteen minutes of exposure, while the Silver bed has the lowest watt bulbs for twenty minutes sessions.

Customers will find their experience relaxing. They’ll find that their experience is relaxing, a little escape from the daily grind. After successful treatments, they’ll have that beautiful tan that is the envy of all others. It’s amazing what a tan can do to give a person energy and a positive outlook. That healthy glow is exactly what everyone needs to pick up their spirits in the winter or at any time of year. For anyone who is going to tropical climates, it’s great preparation and Tanning Mt. Vernon Ohio is the perfect solution.